Annual General Meeting May 2017

The Annual General Meeting held on 16th May elected Cllr Jeff Ligo as Chair of the Parish Council for the municipal year 2017/2018. After signing his Declaration of Acceptance of Office Jeff Ligo addressed the Council.

He pointed out this was the first time for over twenty years that there had been an election in Bratton. The village turnout of 49.1% of the electorate was one of the highest for a parish council election in Wiltshire. 6 new councillors had been elected.

He reminded all Councillors both new and existing that, whilst unpaid, Councillors are not volunteers , but holders of public office, managing and spending public money in the best interests of the village.

He hoped in the next four year the Councillors will transform the Parish Council into a high quality organisation committed to improving the quality of life for the residents by working closely with the community and appropriate service providers. The council will work in an open and accountable manner for the benefit of residents .

Cllr Ligo proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Chair, Cllr Amanda Callard, which was seconded and unanimously resolved.

Cllr Nicky Morris was elected as Vice - Chair for the municipal year.

Parish Council Appointments 2017/2018

The parish council agreed the following appointments for 2017/2018:

Bratton Recreation Ground Committee – Cllr Jeff Ligo, Cllr Nicky Morris and Cllr Terry Sims to join the volunteers nominated at the Annual Parish meeting.

Property, Facilities and Assets Working Group – Cllr Amanda Callard, Cllr Freddy Forsyth, Cllr Jeff Ligo and Cllr Phil Whittaker

Parish Steward – Parish Clerk

Jubilee Hall – Cllr Amanda Callard

If there are any organisations who would like to request a parish council representative please contact the parish clerk.


How to Complain about your council.

If you have a complaint or issue with a councillor or the council please find guidance here ->  Guidance from Wiltshire County Council