Temporary Closure of: Court Lane (Part), Bratton

14 Jul 2020

Temporary Closure of: Court Lane (Part), Bratton (TTRO xxxx)

Volunteer to Help

17 Mar 2020

 All households will be affected by the Corona virus crisis.  You can help your local community by volunteering to help where you can. 

Request Help

17 Mar 2020

If you, a friend or neighbour living within the parish requires some help because they are self-isolating or restricting their movements as they are...

EPT - Covid19 Emergency Plan

05 Apr 2020

BRATTON EMERGENCY PLAN Caring Organised Volunteers Informing Delivering BRATTON PARISH COVID-19 SUPPORT PLAN

Financial Help

19 Mar 2020

If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to the Coronavirus the following organisations maybe able to provide some support for you and your family.

Walter Rose & Son

06 Apr 2020

Order your Meat, Fruit & Veg with delivery to your door at shop.walterroseandson.co.uk or call 01380 722335

The Duke - Takeaway Menu

20 Mar 2020

The Duke at Bratton have a fantastically priced takeaway meals menu for those self isolating or just being cautious.

Michael Bulling - Independent Dairyman

22 Mar 2020

Get Milk, eggs and much much more delivered to your doorstep. Call Michael on 01225 776494 or 07831 477108

Mike Manson t: 01380 830853 Your village cricket club will be playing 10 matches on Sundays and Wednesday evenings this season and we are always looking out for new players.  Cricketing skill and experience are not essential – as many of us have demonstrated over the years! We welcome everyone, whether you’d like to play all 10 games or just one or two.  Our home is the Recreation Ground on the north edge of Bratton and we play friendly matches on Sundays from the May to August, against like-minded teams from local villages. If you would like to join, or just find out more, please phone Mike Manson.
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