Caring Organised Volunteers Informing Delivering BRATTON PARISH COVID-19 SUPPORT PLAN

Bratton Parish Council has setup a Emergency Planning Team (EPT) with members of the community groups to help support the parish residents in this difficult time. The EPT are meeting virtually several times a week to define an Emergency Plan.  The current status of plan can be found here.

If you are self isolating and in need of help you can request help from the parish volunteers using the "Request for Help" form.  You can volunteer to help using the "Volunteer to Help" form.  Even if you are self-isolating you can help support other members of the community with social phone calls.

The parish also has a non-medial help line 07380 250756, please leave a message including your name, address and contact number and one of the volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.


Wiltshire Council has set up a dedicated hub to support the most vulnerable residents during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Food parcels are available for those qualifying.



 All households will be affected by the Corona virus crisis.  You can help your local community by volunteering to help where you can. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to the Coronavirus the following organisations maybe able to provide some support for you and your family.

If you, a friend or neighbour living within the parish requires some help because they are self-isolating or restricting their movements as they are particularly vulnerable due to age, situation or underlying health problems you can request help using the form below.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) and what it means to you