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17 Mar 2020

 All households will be affected by the Corona virus crisis.  You can help your local community by volunteering to help where you can. 

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17 Mar 2020

If you, a friend or neighbour living within the parish requires some help because they are self-isolating or restricting their movements as they are...

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05 Apr 2020

BRATTON EMERGENCY PLAN Caring Organised Volunteers Informing Delivering BRATTON PARISH COVID-19 SUPPORT PLAN

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19 Mar 2020

If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to the Coronavirus the following organisations maybe able to provide some support for you and your family.

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20 Dec 2017

DO YOU FEEL SAFE ONLINE? Anyone over 60, or 18+ registered disabled is eligible for online safety advise.

Walter Rose & Son

06 Apr 2020

Order your Meat, Fruit & Veg with delivery to your door at shop.walterroseandson.co.uk or call 01380 722335

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20 Mar 2020

The Duke at Bratton have a fantastically priced takeaway meals menu for those self isolating or just being cautious.

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22 Mar 2020

Get Milk, eggs and much much more delivered to your doorstep. Call Michael on 01225 776494 or 07831 477108

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Bratton Parish Council News
Wednesday 01 July 2020
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At its last meeting the Council discussed a number of complaints it receives about overhanging branches obstructing public highways and footpaths. The law requires owners and/or occupiers of land which adjoins highways and footpaths to ensure that any hedges which may cause obstructions are trimmed. In future, when obstructions are reported to her, the Clerk will be writing to landowners to remind them of their obligation. If the matter is not attended to, Wiltshire Council will be requested to take appropriate action under the Highways Act 1980
At the last Parish Council the Chair made the following statement:

Members will recall that our Wiltshire councillor Jerry Wickham died on 23 July from prostate cancer, an illness he had for three years while still carrying out his full duties. Prior to becoming a Wiltshire Councillor Jerry had a very distinguished 30-year career at Wiltshire Police, reaching the rank of Chief Superintendent until he retired from the force in 2010.

Jerry was elected as Ethandune’s councillor for Wiltshire Council in March 2014. He was widely respected in Bratton. It is sad to see his absence at this meeting as he was always here to update and advise us. Since being elected, Jerry was a portfolio holder for waste and highways before taking up his cabinet position for adult social care, public health and public protection. But for his illness he was destined to be the Leader of the Council. One of Jerry's significant recent legacies for Bratton was his enthusiasm and commitment for developing a strategy for managing the traffic on the B3098, which we will be discussing later tonight.

He will be sorely missed.

The Council has adopted the B3098 strategy prepared by Cllr Jerry Wickham and is now taking steps via the required process to:-
- Seek a road assessment on the B3098 (Westbury Road) with a view to achieving a 40MPH speed limit from Westbury to Bratton
- Seek a speed and traffic count on Court Lane with the objective of achieving a 20mph limit
The Council will need to contribute 20% of the funding to enable theses assessments to be carried out but members consider it important to address the traffic issues which are of such great concern to many in the village.
At its next meeting in November the Council will be setting its budget for 2020/21. Please contact the Clerk if your voluntary organisation wishes to apply for a grant in the forthcoming year.
APP 19/07443/FUL - Magpie Retreat, Court Lane, Bratton BA13 4RF At its last meeting the Council considered this application for the erection of a dwelling and the removal of the existing mobile home and concrete base (back to grass). It was decided to object the application on the grounds of lack of information in the application, inappropriate development in the open countryside and the proposal being outside the settlement boundary of the Village.
APP/Y3940/W/19/3222307 - Land adjacent Kajha, Millditch, Bratton BA13 4SXThe Council has noted that an application for the conversion of an existing building on site that is used for storage into a 2 bedroomed bungalow had been refused on appeal. This was an application which the Council had supported.
The Council’s external auditors have confirmed there are no issues they wish to draw the attention of the Council or the public to in respect of the Council’s accounts for 2018/19. The Council’s budget is on track for 2019/20.
The Council would like to thank all those who attended the event in the Village when the Best Kept Village award was presented to the Village by the Lord Lieutenant of the County. A great day for the village and all who helped to bring it about,
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