Dusty Millier (Tower Captain)
tel: 01380 830696

We would be delighted to invite you to join us if you are already a ringer.

If you have never rung and would like to 'have a go', or learn in earnest, then we would be pleased to welcome you. It does not require much strength, so teenagers and older folk all qualify as potential candidates; for some of us, the most tiring bit is climbing the stairs of the bell tower!

We practice alternate Wednesdays in Edington, Erlestoke and Bratton - please check where beforehand. You may find details in the church porches, or contact a ringer (see below).

It would be appreciated if those more experienced ringers out there joined us (please), both for practice and Sunday service ringing; ringing for between half and three-quarters of an hour before services both in Bratton and Edington (with more ringers we could cover Erlestoke services too).

Dusty Millier (Tower Captain) t: 01380 830696   m: 07787 105354
Rachel Dunn t: 01380 830485
Joy Fraser t: 01380 830426